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Course: Hedge Strimmers

The assessment is divided into four units:

Unit 1 Safe Maintenance of Diesel Engines (Optional)
Unit 2 Safe Maintenance of Petrol Engines (Optional)
Unit 4 Tyres (Compulsory)
Unit 5 Wheels, Brakes and Clutches (Compulsory)
Unit 6 Battery Maintenance (Compulsory)
Unit 7 Transmissions and Conveyors (Compulsory)
Unit 8 Cutting Mechanisms (Compulsory)

Candidates must successfully achieve all assessment activities in all three units.

To be awarded a Certificate of Competence, candidates must successfully achieve all Assessment Activities in:


a) Units 1 and 2 (certificate endorsed “Hand Held Powered Hedge Strimmers”)


b) Units 1 and 3 (certificate endorsed “Tractor Mounted Hedge Strimmer”)


c) Units 1 and 4 (certificate endorsed “Tractor Mounted Verge Mower”)


Skills and Knowledge to be Assessed:

Learning Outcomes

The candidate will be able to:

  • Prepare a hand held or tractor mounted hedge trimmer for operation safely.
  • Identify the key controls on the machine and their function .
  • Identify the risks of the operation and check the work site for hazards.
  • Carry out routine maintenance on a hand held or tractor mounted hedge strimmer.
  • Operate a hand held or tractor mounted powered hedge strimmer, working competently using correct tools and equipment safely and observing all relevant health and safety legislation.
  • State the knowledge and understanding required, relating to PPE legislation and safety.


Guidance Notes for Candidates and Assessors

Candidates will be assessed as ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’

The assessment requires a practical demonstration of the candidate’s competence. Underpinning knowledge and understanding will be assessed orally.

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