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Course: Brushcutters, Clearing Saw and Strimmers

The Assessment:

The assessment establishes that the candidate has the relevant knowledge and understanding as well as the appropriate skill required for the competent safe use of a brushcutter, clearing saw or trimmer.


The assessment is divided into four units:

Unit 1 Maintain the Brushcutter/Clearing Saw/Trimmer.
Unit 2 Operate a Brushcutter.
Unit 3 Operate a Clearing Saw.
Unit 4 Operate a Trimmer.

Candidates must successfully achieve:

Unit 1 which is compulsory and/either

Unit 2, Unit 3 or Unit 4 which are optional.


Skills to be assessed:

  • Pre-start checks
  • Removal, sharpening and replacement of brushcutter/clearing saw blade.
  • Fitting nylon cord to a trimmer.
  • Identification of hazards
  • Correct adjustment of harness
  • Correct use of equipment
  • Appropriate warning signs and/or barriers to safeguard public
  • Selection of machine for appropriate task
  • Machine adjustments
  • Safe lifting and handling
  • Cleaning maintenance and storage of equipment


Knowledge to be assessed:

  • Legal requirements
  • Safety requirements
  • Pre-start checks
  • Statutory guard requirements
  • Identification of hazards
  • Material to be cut
  • Speed of blade/nylon cord
  • Safety of bystanders
  • Cleaning maintenance and storage of equipment


Candidates will be assessed as ‘competent’ or ‘not yet competent’

The assessment requires a practical demonstration of the candidate’s competence. Underpinning knowledge and understanding will be assessed orally.

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