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Occasional Chainsaw Users
Course: Basic Felling Techniques (200mm)


2 day's instruction, tuition and assessment covering both theory and practical. Lantra certificate of achievement will be issued.



The pre-requisite for this course is that all candidates must hold the basic certificate of competence covering "Maintain and operate the Chainsaw".

If the "Maintenance" course was carried out three or more years ago, a day refresher course will be required before commencing this course.

Felling Small trees(200mm)

  1. Felling trees.
  2. Delimbing trees.
  3. Cross cutting and stacking.

For details of cost please contact GOSTA Training



Personal Chainsaw kit


  1. Helmet
  2. Ear and eye protection
  3. Chainsaw trousers (type C, Class1)
  4. Chainsaw gloves
  5. Chainsaw boots or wellingtons
  6. Lifting tongs
  7. Measuring/loggers tape
  8. First Aid kit containing large wound dressing and whistle
  9. Rear handles Chainsaw with 15 guide bar
  10. Combi can with mixed fuel and Chainsaw bar oil
  11. Forestry belt
  12. Felling bar with cant hook, if appropriate

Maintenance Tools

  1. Combi key
  2. Round file with handle and guide (size for chain on chainsaw)
  3. Spare round files
  4. Flat file with handle
  5. Soft bristled brush
  6. Brass wire brush
  7. Bar cleaner
  8. Chalk or marker
  9. Callipers
  10. Set Square
  11. Piton stop with clutch spanner, if appropriate

For further information please refer to FISA 301